1. 21.9.201426.10.2014Exhibition

              Unfolding DesignBlog

              Henk Groenendijk, Dima Stefanova (NL)

            2. The DesignBlog project, online since 2007, is an interactive research platform part of the curriculum of all Foundation Year students of the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy. Initiated and moderated by Henk Groenendijk, DesignBlog presents over a 1000 reflective research postings part of 35 special programmed projects. At the same time it shows a slice of the minds of the Rietveld international student community at work.

              DesignBlog is not a regular blog. It is a complex and layered system in which facts are more than facts alone. Not a platform for research only, but a database, a research engine in and of itself. It is an instrument, and it is the students platform for publishing. Since last years addition of graduation research essays, a bridge between the first and the last year of the academy is made.

              With contributions in English, the Blog is accessible around the globe, and successfully so, as viewers from India to Alaska check in on this community on a daily basis. For this Brno Biennial the blog itself is unfolded into a presentation that moves from on-line to off-line and back.

              Exhibition concept and execution in cooperation with Lotte van Gelder and Jakub Straka.


            3. 18.9.201419.9.2014Workshop
            4. Unfolding Designblog is a two-day intensive workshop open for all students, focussing on 'design' research. The workshop will be led by Henk Groenendijk, teacher at the Rietveld Academie, moderator of Designblog and interdisciplinary media developer Dima Stefanova.

              The event is targeted at creating a framework for subjective views that serves as a roadmap for the creative research process. The organizers are particularly interested in how this can manifest itself in a site specific context.

              Register at icecream@icecreamdesign.net to receive confirmation as well as more details.

              This event is a part of the OFF Program – open space devoted to workshops, interventions, and other presentations and activities related to graphic design. The authors are solely responsible for the nature of this event. The program is subject to change.

          1. OFF Program

          2. 19.6.201420:00Opening
          3. OFF Program is an open space devoted to workshops, interventions, and other presentations and activities related to graphic design.

            1. Summer Term
            2. Fall Term
            1. 20.9.201412:00Lecture

              Analysis of Type Interferences

              Simon Péter Bence (HU)

            2. 20.9.201410:00Lecture

              City = Medium

              Jan Matoušek (CZ)

            3. 19.9.201421.9.2014Presentation

              CLAUS (Community Loaded Archive For URL Sharing)

              Slowtech Factory – Nadine Scherer, Sarah Schmitt, Diana Walaszek, Christian Weber, Daniel Weberruß (DE)

            4. 13.10.201414.10.2014Workshop

              Design as a Social Reflection of Society

              Pavel Noga (CZ)

            5. 19.6.201426.10.2014Exhibition
              19.9.201420:00newspaper launch

              distracted-workshop #1: may change

              a split/fountain collaboration with Xin Cheng, Jack Hadley, Layla Tweedie-Cullen (NZ), Jayme Yen (US); presenting actions by Chris Berthelsen, Nell May (NZ), Anne Fenton, Kristin Posehn (US)

            6. 20.9.201415:00Lecture

              Do skeletons of hero WWIII carrier pigeons dream of post-digital museums?

              Martin Conrads, Franziska Morlok (DE)

            7. 19.9.2014Guided tour

              Graphic Design Walks

              Gabriela Šafářová, Zdeněk Ryneš, Marie Lukáčová, Nikola Kalinová, Iva Vránková (CZ)

            8. 19.9.201419.9.2014Workshop

              Mapping References

              Alex W. Dujet, Ann Griffin, Constance Delamadeleine (CH)

            9. 19.9.201426.10.2014Exhibition
              20.9.201418:00lecture + film screening

              “Musiques d’autrefois, échos d’aujourd’hui”

              Catherine Guiral, Brice Domingues (FR)

            10. 17.9.201421.9.2014Workshop

              Parallel School

              Robert Haselbacher, Robert Preusse, Stefanie Rau, Till Wittwer (DE)

            11. 20.9.201416:00Lecture

              Picking Up, Turning Over, Putting With

              Traven T. Croves – Andrew Lister, Matthew Stuart (GB)

            12. 19.9.201426.10.2014Exhibition

              Space Available

              Erica Preli (IT)

            13. 20.9.201414:0020.9.201417:00Workshop

              Starting something we cannot finish

              Xin Cheng (NZ), Louise Hold Sidenius (DK)

            14. 19.9.201421.9.2014Workshop

              Strategies of the Invisible

              Indeed (Paula-Marie Kanefendt, David Voss) (DE)

            15. 20.9.201411:00Lecture

              Treasures of the Treasure Island

              Petr Babák (CZ)

            16. 18.9.201419.9.2014Workshop

              Unfolding DesignBlog

              Henk Groenendijk, Dima Stefanova (NL)

          4. The program is subject to change. Some events require prior registration.