1. OFF Program is an open space devoted to workshops, interventions, and other presentations and activities related to graphic design.

    2. International Exhibition:

      Student Work

      The International Exhibition presents
      391 works by 229 authors from 24 countries,
      conceived between 1.1.2010 and 31.12.2013
      in a school context.
      Selection Jury
      International Jury

    3. Back to School!



      Three days of guided tours, lectures, workshops, OFF Program events and other activities related to the topic of education. See full programme

    4. Biennial Talks



      Åbäke (GB) • Sulki & Min Choi (KR)
      Koenraad Dedobbeleer (BE) • Kurt Finsten (DK)
      Vladimír Kokolia (CZ) • Radana Lencová (CZ)
      Fraser Muggeridge (GB) • Nina Paim (BR) with
      Emilia Bergmark (SE) and Corinne Gisel (CH)
      Barbara Steiner (AT) • Mevis & Van Deursen (NL)
      with Moritz Küng (CH) • Tom Vandeputte (NL)
      Rostislav Vaněk (CZ)
      moderated by James Langdon (GB)