1. The Moravian Gallery in Brno

          2. Exceptional in the extent of its coverage, the Moravian Gallery, Brno, is the second-largest art museum in the Czech Republic, and the only one which addresses visual art in all of its aspects – including painting, drawing, prints, and sculpture down the ages to the present day, as well as photography, decorative arts, graphic design and architecture.

            The gallery’s long history began in 1818 with the foundation of the Francis Museum, incorporating a picture gallery from the outset. In 1961, a newly established institution merging free and applied art was given new premises and its current name: the Moravian Gallery, Brno. Today, the gallery makes use of four architecturally remarkable buildings: the Pražák Palace, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Governor’s Palace, and the Jurkovič House. Together with MAK – the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna – it also manages the Josef Hoffmann Birthplace in Brtnice, near Jihlava.

            The Moravian Gallery, Brno, presents visual culture from the Czech Republic in a European context at both permanent and short-term exhibitions. It also works with a number of institutions at home and abroad, and participates in international projects.