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            From A to B to C

          2. From nature studies and academic manuals to the concept of the child as artist, and the many translations of the line during the Bauhaus, drawing has played a very important role in the exploration and development of new educational models.

            From A to B to C borrows its structure from When Form Has Become Attitude – And Beyond, a text by professor Thierry de Duve. Using the ABC as a catalyst to generate a cartographical line-scape, the exhibition tries illustrate three educational paradigms – A the Academy, B the Bauhaus, and C the Contemporary – by placing them in a spatial dialogue.

            As if taken from Pestalozzi’s Table of Unit, the square gradually and proportionally divides itself into smaller units, forming a visible grid that will constitutes the frame of the exhibition. From the larger to the smaller unit, the generated net serves as a support for historical references and examples, which will become the main elements of a playful narrative. With its walls turned into blackboards for the occasion of the 26th Brno Biennial, the 4th floor of Pražák Palace MG gets transformed into an imaginary classroom, space for observation, experimentation and speculation.

            Conceived by Rudy Guedj (FR)Rudy Guedj is a French graphic designer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013. Could it be on autonomous or on commissioned works, his practice often involves the use of drawing. His work generates narratives, typographical or abstracted signs, and explores reading structures and possibilities of the line.

            This exhibition was commissioned in the form of an assignment, given by the curators of the 26th Brno Biennial 2014.

          3. From A to B to C, exhibition view
            (photo: TC&AM&RP)

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