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            Taking a Line for a Walk.

            An Exhibition About Assignments in Design Education

          2. Passed along, replicated, adapted, evolved over time, assignments are as much informed by methodologies and the history of design education as they are figments of the teacher’s present, thought up, written down, dreamt up, jotted down. Objects and books may assist their teaching, and their outcome may most often be visual, but assignments are essentially language. The teacher as author. They lay out rules, give instructions, present a problem, describe an exercise, entice an activity, propose a game, stimulate a process, or throw up questions. Like riddles, they elicit thinking and ask for solutions, while indirectly defining and formulating ideas about design. This exhibition investigates the ways and lines of instructing design and invites you to explore its rooms. Walk your own line. Look, play, listen, read, think.

            Conceived by Nina Paim (BR)Born in 1986 in Brazil Nina Paim lives and works in Berlin. After a detour into economics and philosophy, Nina studied graphic design at Esdi, Rio de Janeiro and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Her bachelor project was Escola Aberta, a temporary design school in Rio from August 6–11, 2012. Nina's work usually involves many others and revolves around notions of directing and collaborating. Since graduation, she has been working independently as a graphic designer as well as taking forays into the fields of curating, mediating, and teaching. In June 2013 her collaboration with Corinne Gisel was nominated for the Swiss Design Award. , designed in collaboration with Emilia Bergmark (SE)Born in 1986 in Sweden Emilia Bergmark is currently living and working in Amsterdam and London. After combining studies in arts and graphic design she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2012. Bergmark’s work takes a phenomenological stance on the mundane and through her work the viewer may rediscover the poetic and absurd in everyday subjects. She works in multiple mediums as diverse as installations, objects, films and printed matter. , with texts by Corinne Gisel (CH)Born in 1987 in Switzerland, Corinne Gisel lives and works in Zürich. Since graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2012, Corinne has mostly been working in the fields of art and culture as an independent graphic designer, working by herself or assisting and collaborating with other designers. Her work shows great care and a keen interest for language in its written form, which manifests itself both in the typography of her designs and in actual writing. In June 2013 her collaboration with Nina Paim was nominated for the Swiss Design Award. , featuring works by students from the Basel School of Design (CH), FBAUL in Lisbon (PT), the Estonian Academy of the Arts in Tallinn (EE), and the Brno University of Technology (CZ).

            This exhibition was commissioned in the form of an assignment, given by the curators of the 26th Brno Biennial 2014.

          3. Taking a Line for a Walk. An Exhibition About Assignments in Design Education, exhibition view
            (photo: TC&AM&RP)

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