1. International Exhibition:

            Participation Guidelines

          2. I Author

            The author must have been a student between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2013, and the submitted works conceived in the context of a school.

            II Exhibition categories

            The exhibition is not organised around specific categories. The following list serves as a basic guideline for the submission of material:

            • Posters
            • Books and exhibition catalogues*
            • Magazines, newspapers and other periodicals*
            • Identities (unified visual style for events, institutions, exhibitions, companies or places, and its applications: logotypes, posters, printed matter, manuals, websites, promotion, merchandising**)
            • Information design (orientation and information systems, three-dimensional items**)
            • Type design (new typefaces, examples of use)
            • Packaging design
            • Other promotional prints (flyers, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, calendars)
            • Digital media (websites, interactive installations)
            • Graphic design in motion (video, animation, opening titles)

            *) Illustrations that are not integral parts of a book or a magazine — for example, loose graphic sheets and original illustrations — are not eligible.
            **) For three-dimensional and experimental projects, please submit suitable documentation.

            III Number of submissions

            Each participant may submit no more than 7 works.

            IV Online application form

            The application form is available online and is free of charge. The application is only valid once all submitted works are received by post.

            V Submission delivery

            Each exhibit must be accompanied by a signed identification label (sent to each applicant after completion of the online application form). The exhibits must not include mounts or frames, and should be free of customs or postal fees. Please do not enter any insurance value on the packaging.

            VI Deadline

            The deadline for both the online application form and for the delivery of the submitted works is 31 January 2014.

            VII Returns

            The submitted works will not be returned or insured unless the registrant fully covers all associated costs beforehand. The exhibited work will become part of the Graphic Design Collection of the Moravian Gallery, and each exhibitor will receive a certificate of participation.

            VIII Catalogue

            The organiser is freely entitled to use any documentation submitted, make photographic reproductions and/or video recordings of the work in order to produce the catalogue, promote the exhibition, and for educational purposes.

            The catalogue accompanying the exhibition will be available to each participant at a 30% discount.