1. International Exhibition:


          2. I have submitted the application form on time, but missed the deadline for sending my work by post

            Please mail us your work on your nearest convenience.

            I am submitting digital work. Is it necessary to mail anything by post?

            • Website: include URL in the application form. (We will preview the website in Apple Safari or Google Chrome on Mac OS X.)
            • Video: either include fully functional URL (for example YouTube or Vimeo), or mail us DVD or USB memory stick that can be opened on Mac OS X.

            Do I really need to send my submissions by post?

            We require your work to be present in Brno for the selection jury to fully assess its qualities, and decide, whether to include it in the International Exhibition.

            Can I deliver my work in person?

            Yes, you are welcome to drop off your labeled submissions at Brno Biennial, The Moravian Gallery, Husova 18, 662 26 Brno, Czech Republic.

            How do I know you received my submissions?

            We will notify you via email as soon as we receive and process package with your submissions. In case you will not hear from us by the end of February, please let us know at info@bienalebrno.org.

            Can I have my work returned?

            The submitted works will not be returned unless the registrant fully covers all associated costs beforehand. If you would like to have your work returned, please mention it in the application form. We will contact you after the Biennial ends with the exact costs (calculated according to the weight of the parcel and current postal fees in Czech Republic).

            I did not find an answer to my question

            Please contact us at info@bienalebrno.org.